How quickly can I start collecting payments?

You can start collecting payments within minutes! Sign up is fast, easy and FREE. No applications, no setup fees and no wait. Just click on the Get Started button and you are off to the races.

How much does it cost?

Being a Group Owner and sending Bills is free. There is a small convenience fee that is charged to the Group Member when a Bill is paid, so you get all your money! It's the least we could do to thank you for volunteering to be in charge of your sports group.

Is there a limit to how many Bills I can send?

NO! Send an unlimited number of Bills and create an unlimited number of Groups!

I'm a Group Owner, when do I get the funds for all my payments?

Each Tuesday SombreroPAYTM will Direct Deposit all the money collected from your Bills.  The Batch Closing Time for SombreroPAYTM is 6:00 PM EST on Friday evenings.  Your funds will be deposited the following Tuesday.